Real Life Heroes: Michael “Q-pie” Queman

Michael Queman, or “Q-pie” as we call him, is one of our Project Assistants for the iPREPARED project. As a climate change advocate and one of our Real Life Heroes, Q-pie knows that #ItTakesAVillage to achieve climate justice.

Get to know Q-pie as he shares his story from being a survivor to humanitarian worker:

What is your role and/or key responsibilities in Action Against Hunger?

Currently, I am working as a project assistant in the DRR Project of Action Against Hunger wherein I am coordinating with the community with regards to disaster risk reduction and resilient livelihood activities.

How long have you been working as a humanitarian worker?

I am already 12 years in the humanitarian world and started working with the organization since 2014 during Typhoon Haiyan.

What motivated you to become a humanitarian worker?

Way back in 2008, I was also a victim of displacement during the flooding in my hometown in Cotabato City. I witnessed several individuals who came and gave support to the affected families. This made me realize that I want to be in an organization that provides support, especially to the underserved and less fortunate members of the community.

Why are you making this sacrifice?

I know the feeling of being helpless and incapacitated. Providing support to improve the living condition of every person gave me a sense of fulfillment. Opportunity is not equally available to everyone, and we are instruments to alleviate the living conditions of those with less opportunities.

What have been the challenges to your work?

Aside from the pandemic, natural hazards are currently affecting our served community.

What motivates you to keep doing your work even with these challenges?

I took an opportunity of the challenges we encountered in the project. This is the time to educate the community about disaster risk reduction, especially on the importance of preparedness and mitigation.

What are you most proud of?

Witnessing the impact of the project on the community is an achievement. That somehow, you became a part of improving their living conditions.

How can you engage the youth more in your line of work?

We have seen in our naked eyes the effect of climate change. As a DRR advocate, it is important to educate and encourage the youth to put action on what they posted on social media like the campaign on #savemotherearth. That the responsibility to save mother earth is more than just posting. It’s like practicing what you are posting.

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