Empowering Farmers for a Climate-Resilient Future in Lanao del Sur

LANAO DEL SUR, MINDANAO – Over 200 farmers from six barangays in Balabagan and Kapatagan are embarking on an inspiring 8-month journey with the iPrepared project’s Climate Resilience Farmer Field School (CRFS) program. Among them is the resilient 43-year-old Bhai from Barangay Proper Kapatagan.
Nearly four months since the CRFS program began, Bhai and her fellow farmers have already gained valuable insights into climate-smart agriculture. Bhai also received a generous supply of vegetable seeds, including string beans, bottle gourd, tomatoes, eggplant, white cucumber, and bokchoy.
With unwavering support from the United States Agency for International Development’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (USAID-BHA), Action Against Hunger, through the iPrepared project, is on a mission to empower vulnerable communities in Mindanao, enabling them to better tackle the challenges posed by climate change. The CRFS program is also done in coordination with the Office of Provincial Agriculture (OPAG).
Bhai’s vision extends beyond herself; she envisions her children becoming stewards of the land. Together, they make learning a family affair, a cherished activity during school breaks. With a heart full of love, she seeks to provide nourishment for her family, ensuring they have access to a bounty of homegrown vegetables.
“The knowledge I’ve gained will enable me to make the most of the land in front of our home,” she shares with excitement. “I’ve also learned to be resourceful by reusing plastic to help my plants thrive.” Even though her home is about 2 kilometers away from the demo farm, her determination to learn and apply her newfound knowledge knows no bounds.
We continue to work hand in hand with these communities, nurturing the seeds of change we’ve planted. Together, we are paving the way for a more climate-resilient future, one step at a time, with the promise of even brighter days ahead.

The ‘Inclusive Disaster Preparedness for Local Resilience in Areas at High-Risk of Natural and Human-Induced Hazards in BARMM, Mindanao, Philippines’ or iPrepared Project is funded by the United States Agency for International Development’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (USAID-BHA) and implemented by Action Against Hunger

Written by SD Gador, edited by Joyce Sandajan & Melinda Buensuceso
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