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PRESS RELEASE: Humanitarian organizations to launch Typhoon Odette photo exhibit in Siargao, highlight need of survivors

Press Release | August 13, 2022 Humanitarian organizations will be launching a photo exhibit in Siargao next week to raise awareness about the impact of Typhoon Odette (international name: Rai) and the concerted efforts of residents and various groups in rebuilding the affected communities. The photo exhibition dubbed “The Last Mile,” which will open on […]

Supporting livelihoods, caring for families and communities

A family’s livelihood is a means of securing necessities in life. During disasters and humanitarian emergencies, livelihood is one of the most affected areas, thus affecting families. Almost five months after Typhoon Odette, families in Siargao are still trying to bring theirs back. Before the storm The community relies on agricultural produce. Leah’s husband, Julito, […]

Stories from the Field: A Future Doctor

“I want to be a doctor so that I can help people who are victims of disasters,” said 11-year-old Marilou “Monique” Consigna. Seeing in her own eyes how Typhoon Odette swept her community in Barangay Sta. Paz in San Isidro, Siargao, Monique wants to inspire and influence others so that future generations of children will […]

Staying healthy and safe in times of crisis

“I still remember how hard the wind and rain were that night. The children were crying out of fear.” These were the words of 34-year-old Geraldine Quire-Quire as she recalls their night at the evacuation center when Typhoon Odette (internationally named Rai) made landfall in Siargao on the 16th of December 2021. As a mother, […]

Stories from the Field: Jomel Flores

GENERAL LUNA, SIARGAO — Jomel Flores, 31 years old, a member of the LGBT community, and her family were among the hundreds of thousands of Filipinos who were severely impacted by Typhoon Odette’s fury in the islands of Siargao last December 2021. According to her, it was the most horrifying and distressing experience she’s ever […]

For cleaner and healthier communities: UNICEF and Action Against Hunger train volunteers on hygiene and health

Super Typhoon Odette (internationally named Rai) left thousands of families in Caraga with limited access to clean water and proper  hygiene facilities last December 2021. So much so that open defecation has grown rampant in some communities due to the lack of available latrines. Together with UNICEF, we have been inspiring and teaching communities the […]

Stories from the Field: Jun Gemparo

SURIGAO DEL NORTE — Reynaldo Gemparo, Jr. or ‘Jun’ as he’s known by everyone, dropped out of school after finishing the third grade at 13 years old. Since then, he’s been helping his father earn extra income for both of them. Jun is the youngest son of his namesake, 69-year-old Reynaldo Gemparo, Sr. Together, they […]

Around 1,250 flood-affected residents receive hygiene kits through REACH

Almost four months after Typhoon Odette, the central and southern parts of the Philippines are faced with another mishap when Tropical Storm Agaton (internationally named Megi) had left almost 307,500 people displaced. Heavy rainfall had left Maguindanao flooded for two weeks since April 7, 2022. This has caused a tremendous impact on the health and […]