Chefs, restauranteurs, and foodies will once again get the chance to fight hunger this 2018 through Restaurants Against Hunger, a campaign that aims to create awareness and raise funds for projects fighting hunger in the Philippines.

The mechanics of the campaign is simple: from October 1 to December 1, participating restaurants offer dishes from their menu which are tagged as ‘dishes that feed more.’ Every time a customer orders a special dish, a portion of the profit goes to Action Against Hunger projects in various areas in the Philippines.

“Restaurants Against Hunger makes me realize that our craft goes beyond mere cooking, it also transforms into a stronger cause that enables us to have a chance to make someone’s future healthy,” stated Chef Roland “Lau” Laudico, the campaign’s ambassador in the Philippines. This international movement started during the World Food Day in France in 1998. Because of the success of the campaign, this was later launched in the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain and the United States. As of writing, 13 countries around the world, including Italy, France, Colombia, Bolivia, India, Germany, Guatemala and the Philippines, are implementing it.

“The campaign is now on its 3rd year in the Philippines,” said Dale Nelson Divinagracia, Fundraising Manager for Action Against Hunger. “We initially launched it in 2016 coinciding with the burgeoning Manila food scene. Amidst the growth, we knew that chefs and restaurant owners were looking for ways to help stop hunger in the country. The campaign was the perfect avenue for them to

extend their reach.”

In 2017, a total of 103 restaurants joined the campaign and raised Php 683,737.00. The previous edition was supported by LTB Chef’s Association and sponsored by McCormick Culinary Philippines. Collaborators were Zomato and Spin Manila, Inc. “I’m on board for Restaurants Against Hunger, I hope that you will come on board too!” said Marla Moran, owner of Café Mediterranean and Wild Ginger. ●

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