Food establishments and food lovers will once again unite to take action against malnutrition through Love Food Give Food, the campaign that aims to create awareness and raise funds for Action Against Hunger’s projects in the Philippines.

From October 1 to December 1, the campaign encourages any food establishment—from independent restaurants, restaurant groups or chains, bakeries, cafés, cafeterias and even online food sellers—to fundraise in two ways: 1) select 1 or more special items and for every order, a portion of the profits is donated, or 2) encourage their customers to voluntarily donate.

“Running the campaign is really simple, which is why a lot of the food establishments that joined since we started in 2016 continue to support us,” said Dale Nelson Divinagracia, Fundraising Manager for Action Against Hunger. “We know how busy running a business is, especially food service. We send participants all they need in one handy kit that contains all they need to run the campaign: posters, table-cards, menu inserts, guide for staff, donation envelopes and boxes.”

172 food establishments joined in 2018, raising ₱697,557. The campaign was previously known as Restaurants Against Hunger. “We rebranded this year to Love Food Give Food because we wanted any type of food establishment, be it a milk tea kiosk or a carinderia have the opportunity to help out – to make their food good in more ways than one,” continues Mr. Divinagracia.


Mario “Luigi” Guiterrez, proud father of 2 boys and 1 daughter, is the Branch Manager of Café Mediterranean Powerplant Mall branch.  Luigi has been with the restaurant chain for 9 years.  First starting as a server in the Greenbelt branch, he has risen through the ranks in several capacities: Service Trainer, Branch Supervisor, and now Branch Manager.

  1. Café Mediterranean has been participating in Restaurants Against Hunger (Love Food Give Food) ever since it started in the Philippines in 2016, how has this been received by your customers?

The reception was great!  Having the table cards in each table really makes our customers curious about the campaign.  They ask the waiters more about Restaurants Against Hunger and we tell them that just by ordering their favorite appetizers, they are donating to Action Against Hunger’s projects for families and their children in the Philippines.

  1. Is the campaign easy to implement?

Very easy!  Again, the materials you send (the tabletops, posters) makes it easier for us to explain the campaign to our customers.

  1. Does joining this campaign affect the tips that waiters receive?

Not at all.  When customers donate, they know that the tip for the waiter is different. This does not affect any

  1. What do you do to motivate your servers to be proactive in promoting the DISHES THAT FEED MORE?

Our boss Marla (Café Mediterranean Owner Ms. Marla Moran) is very supportive of the campaign and we as front liners feel that, just by endorsing the DISHES THAT FEED MORE to our customers, we are also helping our less fortunate countrymen.

  1. How does it make you feel – that the company you work for is actively taking action in ending child hunger in the Philippines?

Really proud!  I and all of the servers are at an economic level where we really see the effects of hunger.  We would like to help as well.  By promoting the campaign, we really feel that we are donating. By promoting the Charity Dishes to our customers, the servers and staff feel that we are also helping our less fortunate countrymen. ●

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