Muntinlupa School for Child Development (MSCD), Nord Anglia International School Manila (NAIS) and Philippine Cultural College – Main Campus (PCC-Main), have committed to organize the Race Against Hunger in their respective campuses for the school year 2018–2019. This would be the third consecutive year that these schools are empowering their students to help Filipino families suffering from hunger.

“We’ve been doing a lot of fundraising here in the school through the years, especially during the Christmas season. The way we did charity was usually through giving,” said Ms. Winsdy Marcos of PCC-Main. “When I first heard about the Race Against Hunger and how

it works, it was something special because it was fun and challenging at the same time. For our students, they have to break their own limits and try to run as many laps as they can, while at the same time convince their family and friends to pledge an amount for every lap they finish. It’s not just a dole out, because they really work for it in a fun way.”

“This year we hope to beat last year’s total,” stated David Kirkham, NAIS’ principal. “It is important that schools raising funds for any charity to directly impact the local community, so that the young people can see the real impact of their efforts.”

“We’ve included the race in the student handbook which makes our commitment to helping official. The students were so excited to see that—it’s an activity that they look forward to,” said Renier Correa of MSCD. “As long as the campaign continues to exist, MSCD will continue to support it.”

The Race Against Hunger is an international campaign held in 26 countries that aims to create awareness of the problem of malnutrition to young people and raise funds for Action Against Hunger’s projects. In the Philippine edition, all funds raised will be used to help projects in the country.


Meet Mikkel Cruz, the 5 year-old student from University of Asia and the Pacific – Child Development and Education Center who was able to raise ₱50,730 during UAP’s Race Against Hunger last January 26, 2019.

Interview with Mommy Patricia Eliza “Pia” Cruz:

At home, how did you motivate Mikkel to get pledges for the campaign.

He was already interested in the race part itself because his older siblings already had an experience with fun runs but this was the first time that our family engaged in a fundraising activity. I thought of reading [the newsletter] to him, and read to him the story of the one-year-old child whom Action Against Hunger helped. I guess that’s what made the difference for him because as a child he is already shows great empathy. Rather than randomly asking our relatives for pledges, he thought of making a short invitational video explaining what the race was all about. I took a chance of posting it in our family groups and sharing with friends, I wasn’t expecting it but I was surprised that the pledges kept coming in.

How many sponsors did Mikkel get?

We used up 5 booklets, so we got around 45 people.

How many laps did Mikkel finish?

He did around 25 rounds/laps. In total he ran for about 3 kilometers. I was asking him, “what made you run?” and he would say, “because I want to help children.”

How was he able to do it?

He was very excited because he was with his friends, classmates and even the morning of the race, pledges were still coming in so that added to his excitement. He was so full of energy because the next day after the race, he joined dad to go jogging.

What advice can you give to parents who would like to motivate their children to give back to the community?

I think it would help a lot if you have the children see how the situation is for the other kids who are not as privileged. What helped Mikkel was when I shared the stories and showed him pictures of the child that you featured in your newsletter. I just told him that not everyone lives the same kind of life that you do, that there are a lot of people there that have nothing to eat. Just let that sink in and also how to make them realize that even if they’re just little kids, they can do something about it. No one is too young to help!. ●

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